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Dental Implants: University Place, Tacoma, Puyallup, Seattle – South Sound Dental Implant Centre



At South Sound Dental Implant Centre, Dr. Randal Swanlund practices restorative dentistry with a focus on dental implants. Serving patients in Tacoma, Puyallup, University Place, Seattle, and surrounding areas, Dr. Swanlund helps restore function to peoples' smiles using dental implants as a permanent tooth replacement solution.



Randal Swanlund, D.D.S.

An implant dentist serving Tacoma, University Place, Puyallup, Seattle, and surrounding areas, Randal Swanlund, D.D.S., offers dental implants, bone grafting surgery, and surgical extractions.



Sedation Dentistry
Sleep Apnea
Snoring Treatments

South Sound Dental Implant Centre offers sedation dentistry as well as solutions for people with sleep apnea and snoring problems. People who prefer to have dental implants placed while they relax in a sleep-like state will enjoy anxiety-free treatment with sedation dentistry.


Implant Dentistry

Dr. Randal Swanlund provides permanent, functional solutions for missing teeth with implant dentistry. South Sound Dental Implant Centre is a premier provider of dental implants and other types of oral surgery.



Dental Implant Surgery and Placement

An alternative to crowns and bridges, dental implants offer our patients in University Place, Tacoma, Puyallup, Seattle, and nearby communities a way to improve their dental function while regaining confidence in their smile. Dr. Swanlund focuses on patient comfort before, during, and after implant surgery.



Dental Implant Restoration
Surgical Preparation

Most people are good candidates for dental implants, but occasionally additional oral surgery is necessary to prepare the patient's mouth for dental implant restoration. Dr. Randal Swanlund performs bone grafting, sinus lifts, nerve repositioning, and other oral procedures.



Dental Implant Materials

At South Sound Dental Implant Centre, we use the most advanced materials available for dental implants. Serving patients in Tacoma, University Place, Puyallup, and Seattle, our premier dental implant treatments feature materials from Nobel Biocare®, Zest Anchors, Inc., and other major manufacturers.



Frequently Asked Questions

We've provided answers to frequently asked questions to address common patient concerns regarding the cost of dental implants and more. Our practice serves University Place, Tacoma, Puyallup, Seattle, and other areas with dental implant surgery and restorations.



Before-and-After Photos

Committed to improving the function and beauty of his patients' smiles, Dr. Randal Swanlund performs restorative dentistry with dental implants. View before-and after-photos of past patients to see the impressive results you can expect.



Patient Testimonials

Dr. Randal Swanlund offers restorative dental implant surgery. Our patient testimonials provide firsthand proof of the professionalism and careful attention to detail that characterize his work.



Contact Us

Contact Dr. Randal Swanlund, our implant dentist serving University Place, Tacoma, Puyallup, and all of Washington. At South Sound Dental Centre, we combine surgical precision with top-of-the-line materials to permanently restore function and beauty to our patients' smiles.