Implant Dentistry

Over the years, many people lose one or more teeth due to cavities, injury, normal aging, or disease. Living with tooth loss can be embarrassing and inconvenient, as it often affects a person's speech, appearance, and ability to chew and eat. Although there are many options for replacing missing teeth, implant dentistry is the most permanent, natural-feeling solution. At South Sound Dental Implant Centre, Dr. Randal Swanlund uses implant dentistry to help patients to regain the confidence and comfort that comes from having a functional, healthy smile.

Dental Implant Placement Surgery

Dental implant surgery is performed by Dr. Swanlund to replace missing or severely damaged teeth in a way that feels natural and secure. During the implant dentistry procedure, Dr. Swanlund places a titanium anchor into the patient's jaw, which naturally fuses to the bone over several weeks. A dental implant serves the same function as the root of a natural tooth, providing solid support for the replacement tooth so that it can be used with optimal comfort and confidence. Dr. Swanlund also uses dental implants to secure dentures or replace full arches of missing teeth. Learn more about dental implant placement surgery on our page dedicated to this procedure.


Surgical Preparation for Implant Restoration

While implant dentistry is a safe, permanent solution for people who are missing one or more teeth, additional oral surgery is sometimes required to prepare a patient's mouth before implants are inserted. Dr. Randal Swanlund offers surgical procedures such as bone grafting, and sinus lift so that patients who previously may not have been candidates for dental implants can enjoy the freedom and convenience of a permanent, natural-looking restoration. Learn more about dental implant restoration on our page dedicated to this procedure.



Many people delay giving themselves the gift of a new, functional set of teeth because they are unsure about implant dentistry, what kind of surgery it entails, and whether they are good candidates for the procedure. To address common concerns, we have provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about dental implants.